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Salling Clicker 3.5

Use your mobile device as a remote control for PowerPoint, iTunes and more
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Salling Software AB

Salling Clicker is a very innovative product from Salling Software, a young Swedish company. With this software, you can control several programs right from your mobile device, like a mobile phone or a handheld computer. This is accomplished with a nice user interface in your mobile, supporting both Bluetooth and WiFi.
You can control iTunes and Windows Media Player to perform basic operations like playing, pausing and stopping tracks, and other interesting features never seen like browsing and searching your music library. Imagine organizing a party at home and controlling iTunes from your favorite couch with your friends!
In case of PowerPoint, you can use it as a true wireless presenter, impress your audience moving around, getting closer, and changing the presentation slides right within your phone! You will feel a great sensation of freedom, your presentations will become more comfortable and relaxed, you transmit those to your audience, so everybody is happy. Can you imagine this?
And the important thing is that you will never worry about getting extra batteries for your remote control. Simplify your life!

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  • Complete list of supported devices, you will find yours for sure
  • Scripts could be opened and edited, even the default ones


  • None for now
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